The Question

“It is too noisy in here”, she thinks to herself, the noises of life are too much

Each person has thoughts, dreams and friends, worries and cares and goals

Together yet different, we sit in this box, intersecting but too close to touch

“Is this all there is?” She thinks once again, this thought is aged and worn

Some girls are laughing, a couple is arguing, others drive by unaware


That there is a girl, alone in a corner, crippled with a heart that’s been pierced

Just like a stone, she sits numb and defeated, by those who don’t seem to care

Slowly they leave, the noise it decreases, but now the silence screams out

Stuck in the middle between silence and chaos, her face upturns to the sky

“Will this ever end?” she yells to the heavens, hoping that someone might hear

But no words have escaped, no tears have fallen, her life has turned into a lie


The blame has begun; she hates them for living, their smiles and laughter and loving

Her best friends return, names Hopeless and Lonely, declaring they’ll always be there

She starts to believe them, when there in the silence, speaks another soft, clear Voice

“I’m here,” the voice breathed, just barely a whisper, floating across the air

And just for an instance, a moment in time, the weight on her heart has lifted


The balance has shifted, between chaos and silence, now she can actually hear

Her desires and dreams rush in, for a second, before they fade and depart

“Is this all there is?”  She murmurs aloud, knowing now that the answer is near

She stands to her feet, holding only one thing, HOPE, and heads for the door.

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