Vulnerable Heartwork

Vulnerable Heartwork. What does that mean?

I believe that there is something unique and special about a group of women, hundreds or just a few, coming together whether in pews, kitchen tables chairs, or oversized couches to encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens, share deeply and honestly about their struggles, and ultimately push each other towards the love, faithfulness, and undeniable grace of Christ and his work on the Cross. The body of Christ as a whole, both men and women, is designed to support, uplift, and admonish as we walk through life together this side of eternity. But there is something extra beautiful about the shared experiences of just women walking through singleness, heartache, marriage, grief, parenting, sin-struggles, and everything in between, hand in hand, and sharing the collective sigh of relief when we finally realize “I’m not the only one…”

This is why I started to write and share. Jesus has been gracious to walk me through different seasons of difficulty, struggle, and sin and although painful and challenging, the “heartwork” He has done is irreplaceable and has forced me to face the question, “Do I value Christ-likeness and sanctification above everything else?” And believe me when I say, that is no easy question to answer. But through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus has done a work in my heart, uprooting deep deep roots of pride and selfishness and helping me fall deeper in love with Christ. My heart’s desire is to use the things that Jesus has walked me through to help others understand deeply the faithfulness of the God we serve. My struggles have included anxiety, panic attacks, family issues, idolatry, poor body image, pornography addiction, struggles with lust, pride, fear, selfishness, discontentment, heartbreak, shame, guilt and just lots and lots of crying! Some things I have all but overcome by the grace of the Cross and the unrelenting work of the Holy Spirit in my life, but other things I still battle daily, sometimes hourly but continue to be encouraged by Jesus and His unwillingness to leave me where I am at. He is not finished with me yet! And He is not finished with you either.

So Vulnerable Heartwork? What does it mean? It means combining the power of true vulnerability, the life-transformation of the Holy Spirit, and my own journey of sanctification with the hope and prayer that you will be exhorted in your own journey of sanctification. Following Christ is no easy path. Allowing the Spirit to root out sin is often excruciating and heart-wrenching. Being vulnerable about ugly sin, repetitive mistakes, intense selfishness, spiritual confusion and other tough topics requires courage and honesty, and taking that step is often very terrifying. I believe the soul of ministry, of serving others, of walking through side by side whatever issues or struggles, is vulnerability. Being real, honest, raw, and bold in sharing struggles is the first step to finding freedom, contentment, and fulfillment in Christ. Let’s together shine light on the dark places, and allow the truth of scripture, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the gift of community to shape us into the likeness of Jesus Christ. It’s starts with true vulnerability! But don’t worry, I’ll go first.


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