Meet Amy Jo

Thanks for stopping by friend!

As I’ve walked through many different seasons in life, and will continue to walk though many more, I’ve learned that in every season Jesus will walk me though- and He will walk you through too! Not around, not over, not under, but straight through. Straight through the heartache, the sorrow, the grieving, the discouragement, and the sin. Jesus has always been and will always be faithful to walk you though. I hope this is a place of encouragement, laughter, and refreshment along the way!

First, I’ll share a little bit about me. My name is Amy Joelle (hence Amy Jo) and I am totally passionate about a lot of things but mainly I am passionate about Jesus, sharing His love and encouragement with you, and receiving His heart work and sanctification in my life with uncontrollable laughter, unrestrained tears, strong coffee, good wine, and deep friendship.

I grew up in San Jose, California, but am a Coloradan at heart! After attending Summit Ministries as a student back in 2006, the Lord planted a tiny seed in my heart for Colorado and ministry that grew and grew over the years. Now, over ten years later, I’ve called Colorado Springs my home for over three years! Currently I am on staff at Front Range Alliance Church, as Ministry Development Director, and am passionate about seeing ministry be effective and efficient in order to lower the barriers to the Gospel. I also happen to love waking up to Pikes Peak every morning, and get ridiculously  giddy about snow.

I love to run and have done 9 half marathons, all with my dad. I also love to eat (which is mostly why I run!) and consider pizza and ice cream a well-balanced meal. I have a major sweet tooth and have been known to eat that marshmallow fluff stuff right out of the jar. I’m sooooo not even kidding.

I have Psalm 118:14 tattooed on my left arm. It says, “The Lord is my strength and my song, He has become my victory.”

That verse has become a life verse for me because 1) The only strength I have in this life come from Christ, and anytime I try to go at in on my own, I learn once again that only Christ is my lasting strength, 2) I have learned to praise him in every season I walk through, He and He alone is my song, and 3) any victory I ever have seen and ever will see in my life is because of Jesus Christ.

Let’s walk though this journey together my friend!